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Since founded in 1969, Tong-Suh Petrochemical Ind. Co., Ltd. has produced Acrylonitrile(AN) domestically for the first time and grown as the largest production base with a capacity of 600,000 ton a year on the basis of our consistent innovation and investment in the past 45 years. We have pursued high-value business by commercializing our main product, AN, and its by-products and derivatives such as Sodium cyanide, EDTA, Acrylamide, Acetonitrile and etc., and grown into a general chemical company with a competitive power keeping pace with the flow of global era, by having completed the Fourth AN Factory in 2012 and C.G Aceto Factory in 2013.

Tong-Suh Petrochemical Ind. Co., Ltd. has developed autonomous safety environment health management by accepting and operating RC System, and consequently, we have attained 13 times injury record as of 2015. Also, we have thoroughly prepared in advance and played a preemptive move for the Emission Trading System to be enforced in 2015, the Act regarding Management of Chemical Materials and the Act regarding Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Materials. We always keep in mind that stable and safe operation is the most important mission to us, and do our best effort for safety management.

Also, we are actively making contribution to the society through community service of giving the disabled a bath, supplying a soup kitchen, making Kimchi to help the underprivileged, supporting students by scholarship and etc. We are performing our missions of supporting the underprivileged, fostering the talented and developing together with the society which are considered as important for advanced companies.

Tong-Suh Petrochemical Ind. Co., Ltd. will jump into a Global Leading Company by valuing our customers’ trust, making mutual growth through cooperation with all the related persons such as shareholders, customers, officers, employees and community on the basis of our management philosophy ‘Contribute to life and living of the people in the world.’, and realizing our values of action <Sincerity>, <Challenge> and <Creation>.
We will do our best effort to come up to all the people’s expectations, as a company preparing for the next 45 years together with our 45-year history.

Thank you.

Jong Kyung Chae
Joint Representative Director/CEO
Tong-Suh Petrochemical Ind. Co., Ltd.