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Plant Safety

Our goal is zero accident and zero emergency stoppage. We establish
and implement the risk management and a capital investment plan for
the replacement of over-aged equipment on a yearly basis as follows.


Risk Management

Eliminate the potential risk associated with the processes and equipment, and take preventive actions through tendency analysis.

Level up of Management Techniques

Introduce new technology and exchange technical information with advanced companies' B/M and makers

Strictly implement the Preventive Maintenance Schedule to preclude unnecessary breakdowns, unscheduled repairs and/or replacement and replace over-aged equipment based on a medium-term plan.
Identify risks, analyze potential consequences, develop and implement an action for risk response. Conduct emergency drills periodically to improve emergency preparedness

Occupational Safety, Hygiene and Health Protection

Our goal is to maintain zero accident workplace. We establish and implement the following programs to ensure occupational safety and health protection for employees:

Safety as a way of life

Ensure that all employees are aware of and observe the safety policy of the management

Eliminate the potential risk and implement zero-accident programs.
Establish and implement corrective/preventive actions after tendency analysis of past or similar accidents.
Identify and re-educate unsafe behavior and continue to track action plans.
Health protection for employees
As the average age of employees goes up, preventive health check-ups are very useful in early detection of all types of illnesses including brain illness, cardiovascular disease, and other adult diseases.
Offer personalized disease management services to assist the employees in reducing health risks.
Provide health informational for employees