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Quality and Environmental Policy

Tongsuh Petrochemical Corp., Ltd. as the manufacturer of petrochemical products(Acrylonitrile and Sodium Cyanide), establishes and implements "Quality and Environment Policy) as below to support and realize Group mission "Contribute to life and living for people around the world" and basic principles of RC policy.

Our quality and environmental policy design to lead sustainable development of the company and realize safe human survival through improving of customer satisfaction and environmental performance.

  • 1. Quality and environment management are our mission to the society and fundamentally target to our management activities.
  • 2. We will provide products complying with customer requirements by enhancing quality management activities.
  • 3. We will prevent quality problems and environmental pollution by setting and implementing corporate compliance.
  • 4. We will establish and implement corporate programs in order to prevent quailty problem and environmental accident by voluntarily setting up internal standards.
  • 5. We will enlighten our employees on quality and environmental policy, and provide the policy to the interested parties through the established process.
  • 6. We will drive continuous improvement by making all the employees participate and comply with required environmental management system requirements.

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