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Tongsuh Petrochemical Corp., Ltd.
Code of Conduct in respect of Corporate Ethics

Environmental protection
∙Product safety
∙Operational safety

∙Workplace safety, hygiene, health maintenance

The program of Responsible Care is a key element in management of the Company, comprising the six pillars of environmental protection, product safety, operational safety, workplace safety & hygiene, health maintenance, and community outreach. Environmental preservation is achieved by ameliorating the environmental burden of operations while giving full consideration to the environment in the development of new technologies and products for the prevention of global warming, preservation of biodiversity, achievement of zero emission of industrial waste, management of chemicals..Product safety is ensured by evaluating the safety of products and providing safety information throughout the product life cycle from R&D to disposal. The safety of personnel and members of the community is secured through endeavors to maintain stable operation and improve technologies for safety and disaster prevention. Workplace accidents are prevented through improvements to the workplace environment and plant modifications to achieve inherent safety..Maintenance and promotion of employee health is supported by efforts to achieve a comfortable workplace environment. The company is committed to the strict implementation of the RC programs in compliance with RC Policy, RC Management Regulation, Process Safety Management Regulation, Product Liability Management Regulation, and Environment (ISO-14001) Regulation. The Company will place the top priority on the compliance with such policy and regulations to ensure that the environment preservation and safe operating standards are observed from day to day.

Communication with the local community

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company honors the law as an intrinsic prerequisite and respects the norms of society in the conduct of all corporate activities. The Company works to harmonize gains for the Company with gains for society and actively fulfills its roles and responsibilities as a conscientious corporate citizen.

Disclosure of corporate information to stakeholders

"Ensuring transparency" is a fundamental element of our Corporate Ethics - Basic Policy. We proactively engage in information disclosure and communication based on these basic concepts. Corporate information is disclosed fairly, impartially, accurately, and as swiftly as possible to stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, employees, and local communities, and to the general public. In our communication with stakeholders and with the general public, we strive for dialog which fosters a relationship of trust, promoting greater understanding of the Company and its operations, to increase brand strength and heighten corporate value.

Compliance with economic laws

The Company conducts business recognizing that ensuring fair and free competition is a basic rule of market economies and maintains healthy, proper, and transparent relations with the government and bureaucracy. The Company strives to provide higher-quality goods and services at competitive prices to customers and will fully comply with the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act and The Law Concerning Fair Transaction of Subcontract to ensure fair and free competition. The Company will comply with the corporate policy including Strategic Commodities Export Control Regulations with respect to the export of strategic goods, and act discreetly to avoid what would cause unnecessary suspicion.

Maintenance of sound and appropriate business relationship


The Company is against any form of corruption and bribery and committed to combating such practices. It is unacceptable to offer to or receive gifts or other gratuities from business partners or other stakeholders – unless it is customary in the environment, of modest value and serves a business purpose. Regardless of local practice, any personal payments, kickbacks or bribes between our employees and customers, suppliers or public servants are strictly prohibited

Respect for the intellectual assets

The Company honors the proprietary nature of intellectual assets, including patents, utility models, business and corporate confidentiality, respecting the rights of others as well as protecting its own. The Company is aware that any unauthorized use of intellectual property or other proprietary rights of third parties may cause the Company to face claims for injunctive relief and/or monetary relief for patent infringement.

Protection of information property

Any information acquired in the ordinary course of business remains the property of the Company, which can increase its competitiveness, if utilized in an effective and efficient manner. Such information shall be maintained in strictest confidence for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Company, otherwise such information will lose value as an asset and cause the Company to lose a business opportunity. The Company implements strict measures to prevent unauthorized or unintentional outflow of technological information and know-how in accordance with its basic policy and management standards for prevention of technology outflow.

Employees shall not use the information system of the Company for their own benefit and shall not access web sites that contain violent or sexual contents. The information system of the Company is interconnected through a telecommunications networks that allows computers to exchange data. Any inappropriate use of the information by a single employee may increase the risk of unwanted disclosure of confidential information of the Company.
Rules on Business Activities
Areas Responsibility Applicable Law Company Policy
  • Environmental protection
  • Product safety
  • Operational safety
  • Workplace safety, hygiene, health maintenance
Environment & Safety Team
  • Environment and safety related law including Occupational Safety and Health Act, Water Quality Conservation Act and Clean Air Conservation Act
  • RC Policy, RC Management Regulation
  • Process Safety Management Regulation
  • Product Liability Management Regulation
  • Environment (ISO-14001) Regulation
  • Communication with the Community
  • Disclosure of corporate information to customers, employees and shareholders
G/A Team  
  • Code of Conduct in respect of Corporate Ethics
  • Rule of Employment
  • Entertainment
Accounting Team  
  • Code of Conduct in respect of Corporate Ethics
  • Internal Audit Regulation (Draft)
  • Compliance with economic laws

G/A Team
Accounting Team

  • Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act
  • The Law Concerning Fair Transaction of Subcontract
  • Internal Audit Regulation (Draft)
  • Strategic Commodities Export Control Regulations
  • Protection of information property

G/A Team

Accounting Team
  • Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act
  • Trade Secret Control Regulation