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"Living together and Making the world better" is our promise for the society. "Donation is not to give favors to others, but to live together" is our slogan for social contribution. We intend to fulfill our social responsibility as a leading company by putting such slogan into action.

Sharing with Neighbors

Soup Kitchen
Regularly every month, we take part in Soup Kitchen of Social Welfare Center located in Nam-gu, Ulsan, and provide meals and become good companions for neglected and poor seniors.
Sharing Kimchi
At the end of every year, our employees and volunteers from other areas of Ulsan are busy making Kimchi for low-income families of the society at the front yard of our office building, being filled with love and of compassion in the mid-winter.
Purchasing and Delivering local agricultural products
We purchase local organic agricultural products during the harvest season and deliver them to low-income families of the society to promote the smooth distribution of agricultural products and to satisfy the needs of the society.
Support for multicultural families
We sponsor various education programs (including Korean language programs) and cultural programs for immigrant women on marriage and their children to help them adapt to the cultural difference and enjoy living in Korea.
Education and Culture Sharing

Program of "Starve yourself for 24 hours to experience the poor's life in the world" and Teenagers’ overseas volunteer activities
We support programs for teenagers to experience the poor's life in the world -"Starve yourself for 24 hours"- and to make friends with children in foreign countries through overseas volunteer activities in order to help them cultivate a sense of global citizenship and the spirit of sharing with and consideration for others.
Scholarship for the underprivileged students
We give scholarship for students of low-income families so that they can more concentrate on their schoolwork without worrying about expenses. We also provide opportunities for school seniors and junior to get together, communicate and keep good relations among them.
Global Sharing

Support for the underprivileged children in the world
Each team of the company sponsors the underprivileged child in the world to make him(her) grow well by providing nutrition and health, childhood development and education.
Support for construction of overseas children’s centers
We provide financial support for construction of children’s centers and kindergartens in Myanmar and Vietnam where education for kids and infants is not existent, to improve educational levels of children of poor families and make their parents to earn money.