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As a colorless, flammable toxic liquid, acrylonitrile is produced using propylene and ammonia as main raw materials. Tongsuh Petrochemical's acrylonitrile boasts of excellent quality and stability, thanks to the high-efficiency catalyst developed by japan's Asahi kasei.

Production Capacity 600,000 T/year
Product Specifications 99.5% UP
Product Applications - Acrylic : Sweater, blanket
- ABS Resin : Computer monitor, TV case, radio case, phone case, etc
- NBR : Shoe sole, packing, gasket, hose, etc
- SAN Resin : Material for refrigerator, lighter, communications apparatus
air conditioning parts
- Others : Raw material for adiponitrile, acrylamide, adhesive dye stuff, etc
Packing In Bulk
Transportation Tank Lorry, Vessel, ISOContainer
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